The Quasar Brand

Quasar Diamonds are owned by a New Zealand company who have been a leading supplier of diamonds to jewellers throughout New Zealand and Australia for over 30 years.

Because Quasar Diamonds are all hand selected by qualified experts we are able to guarantee their quality.

A Quasar Diamond always has a minimum “Excellent” or “Very Good” cut grade, therefore displaying maximum brilliance.  Inferior diamonds sacrifice the quality of cut and beauty to save diamond weight.

Inferior diamonds are cut this way as it allows some sellers to catch out unwary buyers who frequently pay more for these stones than they are actually worth.  For example a diamond that is 6.3mm, which should be sold as a .9ct, can be cut as a 1ct selling at 25-35% more than it's true value.

All Quasar Diamonds come with a “Quasar Report” which is your guarantee of quality. This report measures up to 15 different parameters which combined are unique to the diamond listed on the report.

Quasar Diamonds are available at all leading NZ jewellers.

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