About NZ Gem

NZ Gem is proudly a New Zealand owned and operated family business (giving you protection under NZ consumer laws).   

We have an extensive selection of high quality individual stones in round and fancy shapes.  There is also a vast range of small parcel goods all of the highest quality in terms of symmetry, cut, colour and clarity.  All our individual stones are checked by qualified diamond graders and provided a Quasar report. This report measures up to 15 different parameters which combined are unique to the diamond listed on the report.  Small goods are individually hand measured on gauge to ensure consistency of sizing of product supplied.

NZ Gem is a loose diamond wholesaler, we do not deal directly with the public.  All our wholesale customers are provided secure access to our online system for reviewing stock and pricing.  We encourage our wholesale customers to have diamonds out on memo for 10 days to allow them to make selections with their clients.  All orders go out same day with delivery the following day throughout NZ.  Auckland based customers can also use our one hour express delivery service.

Our Quasar diamond buying guide is a popular way of educating the end customer about diamonds and what to look for when purchasing diamonds and diamond jewellery.